Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Close... and Cold

Happy Perihelion everyone! The day when the Earth is closest to the Sun was a pretty darn cold day in Denver! And to think, we're about 3 million miles closer than at aphelion in July... When I walked to work downtown every day for nearly three years I gained a different appreciation for our seasons. In fact, it got to the point where I could walk outside and guess the temperature to within 1 degree (relative to a bank billboard just down the street - take that for what it is).

Interestingly, says today is perihelion and the U.S. Navy says tomorrow is. I'm not sure what the difference is there but maybe a few tens of thousands of miles. In that case I might side with the folks who's jobs are affected by a few tens of thousands of miles. And who knows, it might just be another Liberal attack on our understanding of the Earth's climate! (joke folks)

In any case, I love the comments with further explanation (about why it's cold and how you're slightly heavier) on the Earthsky post.

"I'm in love with this planet that I'm standing on" --Matt Johnson, The The

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