Thursday, January 19, 2006

Indiana Jones and the...

I rely on my brother to filter only the most important Ain't It Cool News. Thank you Steve. And thank you to all the creative folks out there suggesting titles (readers talkback) for Harrison Ford's swan song as Indiana Jones.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Remote Prosperites

Last month, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Cyd in London (Camden Town). It was a short but incredible trip; made more comfortable by the fact that I flew business class both ways. It's disgusting how they treat you in business class. I highly recommend it.

Day 1 involved:
1. Making it onto the correct tube train and realizing I'm sitting in the absolute middle of the train, with my luggage, 8am on a week day (packed), I'll need to navigate off the train soon with my luggage, and I'm American. DOH!

2. Trying to decipher Cyd's directions out of the Underground station. "Go straight out of the station" can be interpreted in many ways when you're faced with a 6 point intersection, cars driving on the other side of the road, and no street signs (street signs are on the buildings - I didn't know that until day 2). In fact, it took 3 tries to head in the right direction. Have a look for yourself... which way would you have gone?!

3. Trying not to succumb to spontaneous REM sleep. In the famous words of Evan Dando, "I know what it feels like to be MAARK today." (paraphrased)

My prescription for shaking off GMT-0700 was spending some quality time with myself in the crisp air of Regents Park.

And then a few more hours exploring the catacombs of Camden Market. I think I probably heard at least 20 different languages while wandering through.

4. And later after a short nap, wandering to a tiny little back-alley with a couple boutique stores, drinking hot sangria, and helping Cyd find a bobble (Christmas tree ornament).

Day 1 conclusion: Absolutely amazing.

Day 2 involved:
1. Waking up at 6am. That's the time my son usually wanders into our bedroom every morning. This strikes me as completely bizarre as it's 6am London time.

2. Knocking out the things I absolutely had to see: Sir Isaac Newton's sarcophagus in Westminster Abbey and John Harrison's clocks that won the Longitude prize. Along the way, I got to see the rest of London via the Thames and Greenwich. Very satisfying.

3. Listening to some very bad karaoke in a local pub.

4. Loading up the jukebox at the Camden Castle, birthplace of Blur, and partaking in an obligatory G.W. discussion with a young Londoner currently residing in Barcelona.

Day 2 conclusion: Absolutely amazing.

Day 3 involved:
1. Waking up at 6am again.

2. Wandering to and then through the Tate Modern gallery. Rodin, Picasso, great views of Saint Paul's, etc.

3. Wandering through Picadilly Circus and the theater district to find some amazing Indian food.

4. Eating amazing Indian food.

3. Spending some quality time at a local pub with Cyd's international mates over a few bottles of wine.

Day 3 conclusion: Absolutely amazing.

So Cyd asked what the best part of the trip was. The best part of the trip was the conversation with Cyd about life and actually spending time with Cyd's mates. It was just being there.

By the way, I just saw King Kong the other night and the commercial they played before the movie had Kate Winslet walking here.

Hey Cyd, take a close look at the Camden Lock... you'll see some of Banksy's work (hanging painters). My brother picked up on it in this photo that I took.


Monday, January 02, 2006


Instead of coming up with a list of fleeting New Year's resolutions, I choose an action verb that I intend to incorporate into as many aspects of my life as possible during the new year.

For 2006, I choose "create."

Create abundance.
Create time.
Create love.
Create health.
Create opportunity.
Create prosperity.
Create something unique.

Here's to a happy, healthy, prosperous new year! Cheers.