Thursday, January 10, 2008


Each year I choose an action verb that I can apply throughout the year to many different situations as a consistent self-improvement program. Generally three or four words come to mind when I start thinking about this in December. One word tends to stick by the new year and I really do keep the word in mind all year long.

This year my word is Elevate.

My word for last year was Execute. That was an effective word but my rule is "no repeats". So:

Elevate my execution. (oh yeah)

Elevate my sense of Love: giving and receiving.

Elevate my awareness of situations and my reactions to them.

Elevate listening. Elevate thinking.

Elevate my physical health.

Elevate my skills. Elevate my career.

Elevate my spirituality.

Elevate above and beyond negative energy.

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