Thursday, June 30, 2005

Under the Knife

My son is having surgery for an umbilical hernia (aka "outie" belly button) tomorrow. Actually, an "outie" is just a symptom of it. Sometimes the umbilical cord opening doesn't close completely and it needs to be stitched closed in the abdominal wall. The scariest part for us is that he has to be put to sleep with anesthesia. The docs told us that there's actually a greater risk that his airways could close with local anesthetic. Doctors recommend that the child refrain from vigorous physical activity for a couple weeks after the surgery; I'm not sure how we're going to reconcile this with a three year old boy who loves to do back flips off couches.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Jaundiced Jelly

Heads-down coding usually involves two things for me: candy and music.

There is a Jelly Belly brand jelly bean, yellowish in color, that's vomit flavored - or mimics vomit flavoring closely (you know, like how their Chemists didn't get "pear" exactly right). Trust me and avoid popping it in your mouth. I'll post a picture of the offender if I can. It blends with lemons so avoiding all yellow-likes is not a bad policy for now.

And along with that little nasty, I'm still trying to get the taste of Gorillaz Demon Days out of my mouth. Blechh. I never really thought Damon Albarn of Blur was incredibly talented (in relation to his peers) and was not impressed with this release. I didn't know what Gorillaz was all about, besides bland music, and I'm only slightly more impressed with the whole "cartoon band" thing. Of course, I have a three year old boy and have become a connoisseur of animation over the past year as well. I seem to remember when Blur's Parklife won the British album of the year award back in its day and Mr. Albarn's acceptance speech read something like, "WAKE UP AMERICA!" Hmmm. At the time, I don't remember hearing Radiohead (or Bush for that matter) whining about their record sales in the U.S.