Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank you Ticketmaster. May I have another?

So I just bought a ticket to see The Dandy Warhols at the Gothic in Denver. A band I haven't followed much but kind of hits my sweet spot. $25.00 is a little high for bands rolling through the Gothic but I figured I'd pay a premium for a band the likes of the Dandies, especially to see them in a very small venue. So at checkout time on I come to find they're charging a $9.10 convenience charge, a $1.00 charge for me to pick my ticket up, and a $5.15 order processing fee for a grand total of $15.25 in fees for placing my order online (I guess somebody's gotta feed the gerbils)! Of course, I could have chosen to print my own ticket for a $2.50 charge, evidently because the price of sending an email has skyrocketed lately. It made me pause and wonder if I've ever done business with another retailer that charges me over 60% in fees... but hey, I bought the ticket anyway. I suppose if you can screw the customer then screw the customer!

Thanks Ticketmaster. You suck.

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