Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Silversun Pickups

I caught Silversun Pickups (and here) at the Ogden Theater last night. Great show. Most seem to compare them to Smashing Pumpkins but that doesn't seem quite right. To me their music is like Grunge refined for 2007. Almost a mix of Elliott Smith and Smashing Pumpkins... For me, Grunge defined college times and something with Silversun Pickups definitely resonates.

The pinnacle of the show, absolutely, was Lazy Eye. My favorite though was Dream At Tempo 119. Kissing Families also blew me away.

This band definitely has that IT factor. I felt fortunate to experience the performance though I'm not quite sure they're a band that should sellout even the Ogden (yet). Drummer Christopher Guanlao was absolutely incredible. He is a freak. I guarantee you have never seen a performance like the one Guanlao puts out on the drums! If you have a chance to go see them I highly recommend it.

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