Monday, June 18, 2007


In a couple weeks I'm going to visit New York City for the first time. Life has led me to some great places so far: London, D.C., New Orleans, Kauai, Anchorage, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, Toronto, Boulder, and even Lake Placid... but for whatever reason, I've never had reason to go to New York. My brother-in-law lives in Stamford so I'm going to spend a couple days with him in typical whirlwind fashion. We manage to have a great time going out in the U.P. so I have a feeling we'll find a way to have a good time in Manhattan.

I get in Thursday and leave Sunday. Saturday night is apparently accounted for. Lucie doesn't know it (or me) yet, but it sounds like we'll try to help her celebrate the big 3-0 in Queens. Other than that I have no agenda. Of course, I've solicited a few recommendations but I'm asking for a few more... anyone out there have any good NYC ideas or tips?

Thanks in advance. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

okay. here are my during the day recommendations:
nyc library and bryant park (42nd and 5th ave). browse the library, be amazed.
nearby: ICP - international center of photography. my fav joint in the city. enjoy the shore exhibit. 43rd and 6th ave.
best book store: housing works bookstore (126 crosby at houston)
best movie theatre: angelica (18 w houston and broadway)
central park: poets walk and strawberry fields. do dusk if you can. if not, do anytime.
a few of my fav places to have a proper meal and proper cocktail: lucky strike (grand and west broadway) and shillers (rivington and newfolk) - both owned by the same dudes so go to one and you will fill you have been to both.

for food experiences: cafe hubana (great food, low cost, HUGE atmosphere): elizabeth and prince
cafe noir: been here at least 40 times in my life: thompson and grand. look up to your left and you will see my former flat.

bars that you must visit:
backfence bar (bleeker and thompson). i once sat next to quentin tarantino there.

time for a bloody mary? go to the slaughtered lamb pub @ 182 west 4th.

go drink where dylan thomas had his last drop: white horse tavern (567 hudson and 11th st)

be a commie for a day (and catch some great poetry readings):
kgb bar: 85 e 4th st @ 2nd ave

that should get you started. the true new york is the one you stumble upon. i am jealous.


Lucie said...

Hi there Joe~! Bron did mention he will be bringing someone with him so it is all good. And actually the bday celebration is in Manhattan first we smoke hookah and have drinks than we go dancing at an indian restaurant that turns into a night club at 11 pm. See you then!