Sunday, September 18, 2005

CU-Boulder Ranked 11th Best Public University In World

A new survey of the world's top universities cited in the Sept. 8 issue of The Economist ranks the University of Colorado at Boulder as the 11th best public university.

It's nice to see my alma mater get some positive recognition that it deserves.

You might ask how this ranking is reconciled with some of CU-Boulder's more notorious rankings in the past. I think the answer is pretty simple. One ranking is faculty-side while the other is student-side. The intersection is the opportunity to either take advantage of a world-class education or squander it; the institution won't hold your hand. I believe that this experience closely models life after college. And isn't that why we make such an investment in our college education; to find an avenue of pursuit in life and be prepared for it?

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Thomas Cook said...

Go CU! Thanks for posting this Joe. As a fellow alum I'm glad to hear it.